Sunday, 7 October 2012

Friendship until the end.. THaNK YoU FRiEND

Assalammualaikum wbrt

hello my readers !! i dedicate this post to my friend who are never ever make my heart hurt and never leave me during my sad day...they not my normal friend but friend when i in sad and happy.. i'm so lucky because i have them when i need someone to talk about my problem..for me, friend from primary and secondary school are the best and pure friendship that i of my friend said we are close because our family already know each other and also our family know, that's why if something problem happen among us, we will try to solve together..we already grow up together for past 10 years. so, we know each other feel, habit, behavior and emotion. we also never ever have disagree or argument among us..i'm so lucky where i have given a change to know them in my life. from them i know who is my truly friend and who is my enemy who tried to be my friend.. Thanks Friend.. U are my Duniawi and Akhirat friend..  :)


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